Hi, I am Chelsey, a digital marketer with
a huge passion for travel and photography.
The story behind Concept C You
I have worked a few years as a digital marketer in the corporate industry and within an agency. I never felt completely at home because I love a personal and hands-on approach. Therefore I decided to only focus on creating content as an influencer within the lifestyle and travel industry over the past few years.

Because of the high demand of entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for someone to maintain their social media channels and/or create content for them, I decided to launch Concept C you.

With Concept C You I offer the possibility to maintain your social media for you according to your preferences and needs. and especially with lots of love and passion. This can vary from the complete management from A-Z to content creation, planning, copy, etc. On top of that I also offer coaching sessions for those who are willing to learn how to manage this all by themselves.

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